Zostel Gokarna : Bored of Goa ?? Then it’s time for Gokarna !! 20 Things To Do In Gokarna

Zostel Gokarna: Gokarna Beach Essential Travel Guide


Gokarna is a small and faraway holy metropolis, with 4 of India’s most secluded and pristine seashores nestled close by. It draws each pious pilgrims and hedonistic holidaymakers with identical enthusiasm. Travel to Gokarna to get a sense for what Goa changed into like in its heyday, even though time is constrained as builders are already seeing the potential of this location and commercialization is setting in.

Zostel Gokarna
Zostel Gokarna




Gokarna is placed in the kingdom of Karnataka, an hour south of the Goa border. It’s around 450 kilometers (280 miles) from Bangalore, the national capital.

The nearest airport is Dabolim, in Goa. From there it is a 4-hour drive south to Gorkana. Alternatively, trains at the Konkan railway stop at Gokarna Road station, 15 minutes from town, as well as Kumta and Ankola stations, both around 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Gokarna.

Gokarna is likewise properly connected through bus from important cities which includes Madgaon in Goa, and Mangalore and Bangalore in Karnataka.


What is the quality time to visit Gokarna


The excellent time to go to Gokarna is from October to March. From April to June, the summer season months are warm and humid, and the evenings are a pleasing time for the ones romantic and soul-looking walks.

On the opposite hand, July to October receive heavy rainfall and make this temple town a sight to behold for the monsoon lovers. However, the winters from November to February are best for indulging inside the diverse activities that this fisherman’s metropolis has to offer.


Temperature in Gokarna:


Summer – Maximum: 40°Celsius | Minimum: 22°Celsius
Winter – Maximum: 32°Celsius | Minimum: 10°Celsius


Where to Stay


Gokarna metropolis has lots of hotels however they may be characterless locations. Instead, opt for a homestay including Hari Priya Residency.

Vedic Village is a notable homestay in a newly built residence with sea views, situated 5 mins walk from the city.

Nimmu House is a famous finances alternative, with a huge style of rooms in wings, close to the metropolis’s seaside.

Alternatively, find your self a hut on the seaside. Decent ones are longer extraordinary cheap even though, as many institutions have upgraded to concrete structures with attached lavatories.

Prices skyrocket from December to February, when demand is high, even though it’s tons much less luxurious than Goa

Nirvana Guest House

is a pleasant area to stay on Om Beach. Namaste Cafe and nearby Shantidham Cafe also provide famous cottages. Beach lodging can be hard to come back with the aid of in the top months of December and January though. Many people are just glad about a hammock! If that concept would not appeal to you, ensure you switch up before noon to grab a room as human beings are finding out.



Parties and Nightlife


Bonfires, making a song, guitars, and drums are familiar parts of Gokarna’s nightlife. The birthday party scene in holy Gokarna is saved in taking a look at by way of strict policing, even though some seashore parties do manifest for the duration of the peak season. Officially, alcohol is banned because of the city’s spiritual importance but you won’t have a problem getting a cold beer at the beach.


Dangers and Annoyances


Police corruption has come to be sizable trouble in recent years. After you arrive, your vehicle-rickshaw or taxi may additionally take you to a police checkpoint, wherein your bags may be searched for tablets (this includes prescription drugs) and hefty bribes extorted for ownership.

Also, do be conscious that police are recognized to visit guest rooms and extort bribes from the ones discovered to be in ownership of narcotics. Care must be taken whilst taking walks among the beaches at night time within the darkish, and it’s high-quality not to move on my own.

Swimming can also be risky as a few areas have strong currents.


20 Things To Do In Gokarna For A Thrilling Vacay In 2019!


There are a plethora of Gokarna activities that you can bask in together with your buddies, family, or beloved. Here are well-known things to do in Gokarna. Pick those which you wish to encompass in your journey itinerary when searching up pocket-pleasant Karnataka tour packages.


Mahabaleshwar Temple


Mahabaleshwar Temple
Mahabaleshwar Temple



Among the list of Gokarna activities, surrendering to the embody of Shiva linga at Mahabaleshwar Temple is one of the most vital.

This pilgrimage is a few of the maximum essential places to go to in Gokarna, now not simplest due to the fact this temple complicated envelopes one in serenity but the excellent Dravidian architecture is tough to miss and enraptures with its undying splendor.

Location: Koti Teertha Road, Koti Teertha, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 500 meters
Timings: All Days- 6am to 12.30pm; 5.30pm to 8pm


Banana Boat Ride


 Banana Boat Ride In Gokarna
Banana Boat Ride zostel gokarna


If you’re looking ahead to some of the most adventurous things to do in Gokarna seaside, climb atop a banana boat and get pulled into the waves for that adrenaline rush. This particular enjoy brings out the child hidden in everybody and is certainly one of the maximum amusing activities in Gokarna.

Location: Om Beach, Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 1.Four kilometers
Timings: All Days- 9 am to 6 pm
Duration: 15 Minutes
Cost: INR three hundred per character

Tips: For protection purposes, do pay heed to the suggestions given by using the teachers


Food Tour


Food Tour
Food Tour zostel gokarna

This offbeat seaside excursion also can grow to be food heaven for the foodies. This temple metropolis is dotted with innumerous shacks that cater to the Indian palate in addition to those who crave continental. Apart from the conventional idli-dosa, possible devour a few specific dishes like seafood lasagna, prawn pizza on a banana leaf and iced Nutella for those best Instagram click on!


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Night Stroll


Night Stroll
Night Stroll zostel gokarna


Post dinner embarks on a revitalizing night stroll alongside the Nirvana seaside underneath a celeb-studded sky. And revel in a bonfire on the cool sand for a breathtaking sight of glistening phytoplanktons. This is an as soon as in a lifetime enjoy that ranks enormously on the list of pinnacle activities in Gokarna.

Location: Nirvana Beach Road, Kagal village, Kumta, Karnataka 581351
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 9.Nine kilometers
Entry Fee: Free


Flea Market Shopping


Just like Goa, flea markets are a thing in Gokarna too. Gokarna has loads for the shopaholics. But shopping for the hand-crafted trinkets and souvenirs from the locals stands proud as a should amongst all Gokarna sports. Many stalls promote earrings items and decorative items made from seashells. The personal touch in each of these items distinguishes them from the commercialized commodities that surround us and quench creativity.


Beach Camping


Beach Camping
Beach Camping


The inexpressible splendor of Gokarna beaches will increase manifold at the same time as camping. Waking up to the sound of waves dashing to the seaside makes beach tenting in Gokarna an enjoy by no means to be forgotten. Have you ever experienced stargazing on a beach? Lying at the sand and looking up at the extensive open sky at night is a spellbinding enjoy.

Location: Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 7.Three kilometers
Activity Cost: INR 1500/-

Tips: Carry meals/snacks, snoozing bag, an alternate of garments and a government regarded ID Card.




Everybody loves accumulating souvenirs as a reminder of suitable instances had with one’s circle of relatives and to present to loved ones again home. Then how can one resist gathering souvenirs whilst they are loose but appropriate? On a laidback walk, with the ocean waves washing at one’s feet, amassing a few pretty and particular sea-shells and letting one’s creativity go wild is yet any other a laugh thing to do in Gokarna.

Location: Near Om Beach, Gokarna 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 5 kilometers
Entry Fee: Free


Kudle Beach Sunset

Kudle Beach Sunset
Kudle Beach Sunset



The sight of the solar putting and diminishing into the horizon of the sea, turning the sky right into a palette of colors, is amazing. Capture the sunlight hitting the unusually rocky beaches of this temple metropolis among the diverse activities in Gokarna, for the one’s likes and comments at the Instagram page and share the notable splendor of this charming city with tens of millions! Watching the sundown at the Kudle Beach Gokarna is a very enjoyable and gratifying experience.

Location: South Gokarna, Gokarna 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 6.4 kilometers
Entry Fee: Free


Beach Yoga


Beach Yoga
Beach Yoga


Join the many training the art of yoga at Om seaside each morning apart from different Gokarna sports, for that refreshing start to your day. The fitness freaks also can sign up themselves inside the various yoga resorts for a minimum of 7 days and return home with not most effective a bag complete of recollections, however, a few valuable awareness.

Location: Om Beach, Gokarna, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka, 581326
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 1.4 kilometers
Entry Fee: Free
Yoga Resorts: Namaste Yoga Farm, Swaswara Resort


Candle Light Dinner


Had enough of the shacks and restaurants? Make your Gokarna ride a memorable one, by using taking part in a romantic candlelight dinner alongside the beaches even as tenting in Gokarna. The nonviolent beaches of the metropolis are the suitable spots for a distinct beach romantic dinner along with your companion. This is one of the excellent ways to revel in Gokarna in all its glory!


Beach Shack Stay


Embrace the particular culture of Gokarna by way of staying in one of those seashore shacks that include confined facilities. This is surely one of the first-class activities in Gokarna as it allows one to embrace nature in its authentic form. Albeit it doesn’t include the luxurious of an air-conditioner, however, who wishes one, whilst nature sings its lullaby and strokes you with its cool breeze?

Major Resorts In Gokarna along the Beach: SwaSwara Resort, Namaste Holiday Homes, Om Beach Resort, Tipi Garden Resort


Beach Sports


Apart from a Gokarna seaside trek, turn your enjoyment evenings into a reenergizing feat. By partaking in the numerous Gokarna activities on the seaside like playing volleyball, badminton, frisbee and something and the whole thing that your inventive mind allows! Sand, solar and the dashing sounds of the waves add a few greater detail to these adventure sports activities. Also, the ambiance of the area genuinely energize the gamers, making the game all of the more interesting.




Amongst the various things to do in Gokarna, a rubdown that relieves one of all the tensions and lightens the burden of obligations at the same time as rejuvenating the trifecta of the mind, body, and soul, cannot be miss while in Gokarna.

Major Spas In Gokarna: Nirvana Ayurveda Therapy Center, Moonshine Trend Unisex Spa, Palm Touch Ayurvedic middle




TreeHouse zostel gokarna


Climb up on a treehouse on the seashores to take within the wonderful seaside view with the never-ending expanse of turquoise water, lush palm timber and frothy white waves lashing at the shore. The city, with it, is by no means-ending list of factors to do Gokarna, constantly beholds a wonder within its bosom. Treehouses at Namaste Yoga Farm are one of the pleasant alternatives for this form of boarding in Gokarna.


Long Drive


One can’t simply list 10 activities in Gokarna. While you can still traverse through secure roads to the neighboring towns of Gokarna like Dandeli, Yana, and Murudeshwara to enjoy the scenic beauty of Karnataka. And breathing inside the sparkling air along the picturesque routes.
Location: Kudle Beach, Kudle Beach Road, Gokarna, Karnataka 58132


Mirjan Fort


Mirjan Fort
Mirjan Fort


This lovely piece of architecture comes alive in all its greenery and clicking photos against its beauty and the regal backdrop is one of the most amusing things to do in Gokarna. So, do now not omit out this hidden gem so one can leave you awestruck with its bewitching sight!

Location: Mirjan Fort Road, Mirjan, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka 581333
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 21 kilometers
Timings: All Days-eight:00am to six:00pm




Lying at the Arabian Sea coastline, this captivating city has a number of the maximum engaging seashores and could go away everyone feeling refreshed after walking via its exuberant natural splendor. Wondering what to do in Gokarna? Kumta may be your subsequent stop on an itinerary that fulfills one’s love for the seashores!

Location: Kumta City, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka
Distance From Gokarna Bus Stop: 32 kilometers


Beach Trekking


Strolling thru the rocky seashores of this quaint little city to breathe inside the freshness of its laidback existence is many of the first-rate things to do in Gokarna, Karnataka! However, attending to the seashores right here is in contrast to another as they mean a Gokarna seashore trek in preference to an easy walk. One has to push themselves only a little bit for that piece of paradise at the cease of the trek and so that it will soak within the amazing views.

Major Beaches in Gokarna: Gokarna seashore, Kudle seaside, OM beach, Half Moon seaside, and Paradise seashore


Top 10 Beach of Gokarna


Gokarna Beach


Image result for gokarna beach



Gokarna beach is one of the surf seashores in India that these days were given popular, trekking and Yoga are a number of the opposite ordinary activities which one could indulge in their Gokarna sojourn.

You can also interact in a scenic trekking tour from Gokarna seashore five beaches of round 10 KM- Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach, Rock Climbing, Dolphin’s Point, Kudle Beach, and Om Beach.

Location: Gorkana Village live at some of the finances homestays in Gokarna.

Best Time to go:  from October to March.

Activities and Watersports: Yoga, browsing, jet ski, banana boat, snorkeling, and trekking.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around a KM away.


Om Beach


Om beach
Om beach zostel gokarna


The seashore is shaped in a way that it seems to be the auspicious image ‘OM’ within the Devanagari script and is named after it. Om beach is one of the pristine and taking place beaches in Gokarna for the plethora of water sports and sports that people cherish right here.

From the bumpy banana ride to the rapid jet ski experience, from beachside trekking on the hilly terrain to recognizing Dolphin inside the center of the ocean; OM beach is spot on. The beach can be enjoyed among the two coves that make the form of OM and is loaded with shacks, huts, and cafes for a lazy vacation.

Location: Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Best Time to go:  from November to March

Activities and Water Sports: Jet ski, trekking, hiking, swimming.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around 6 KM.


Half Moon Beach


 Half Moon Beach


Beaches are exquisite however a thick and luxurious jungle overlooking an infinite stretch of Arabian Ocean is ecstatic. Half-moon beach is such revel in in which you get to engage in myriads of sports like swimming, kayaking, paddleboats, hiking, tenting, etc.

Half-moon is one of the beaches in Gokarna which you may also walk as much as it in a scenic trek starting from Gokarna seaside and cowl the famous 5 Gokarna seashores in a single pass. This seashore derives its name from the shape of it which resembles a half of moon.

Location: Half Moon Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Best Time to go from November to March.

Activities and Water Sports: Swimming, kayaking, paddleboats, hiking.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Approximately 5 KM.


Kudle Beach


Image result for Kudle Beach Sunset


Kudle seashore is a long-isolated stretch of sea and sand that is perfect for a solitude seeker. It is serene and cut off from the touristy stretch, in general flocked with foreign travellers and backpackers who search for solace.

The seashore is quite integral for swimming and basking within the sea, the water is safe for splashing and diving however the solitary life of the beach makes it a bit risky as it’s far without lifeguards with a completely minimum crowd. It is hardly ever 10 mins boat ride from Om beach and 15 mins from the Gokarna beach.

Location: Kudle Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Best Time to go to November to February is the height season, but, the locals pitch up transient huts, shacks, and different makeshift arrangements via the seashore from October until March.

Activities and Water Sports: you can still swim inside the seawater, hiking is every other activity

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Approximately 6.5 KM.


Paradise Beach


 Paradise Beach Zostel Gokarna
Paradise Beach Zostel Gokarna


Fondly known as the ‘complete moon seashore,’ Paradise seashore justifies its call. To reach this beach, one has to take a motorboat from OM seaside or 1/2 moon beach or has to trek down from the half-moon seaside.

Paradise seashore stretches around one hundred fifty meters in length and is a perfect destination for swimming and tenting. Around 70 % of the seaside is covered in rocks which makes some photo best elevation factors for photography.

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka, India

Best Time to go to Sunrise and sundown at some point of the winter and spring season.

Activities and Water Sports: Swimming and hiking and additionally you may take a look at the listing of various things to do in Gokarna.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around eight KM, 20 minutes boat experience from OM beach.


Nirvana Beach


The entrancing environs of Nirvana seashore make you sense like you’re in an unreal setting. The seashore has a very lengthy shoreline and you hardly ever find fellow travelers round as it is little off the beaten. If you’re visiting Nirvana seashore, you are counseled to hold food and water as there are not any such centers.

Swimming is a great game to take pleasure in but because of the absence of lifeguard and much civilization, you must keep away from going deep as the ocean has robust currents. Also, you can visit some of the great locations in Gokarna.

Location: Nirvana Beach Rd, Kagal, Karnataka 581351

Best Time to visit: October to March.

Activities and Water Sports: Swimming, solar basking.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around forty KM

Baada Beach


Baada beach falls while strolling down the trail from Kirki to Gokarna. It is the cleanest beach in Gokarna, also because it’s far positioned remotely around 10 KM far away from the Kumta bus stand. The seashore has some boulders in the center and is encircled with the aid of hillocks on two sides.

While you stroll around, it appears like a personal seashore as it’s miles crowd lose for as far as you can see with some huts and cottages outlying the shore.

Location: Baad Beach, Gudeangadi, Kumta, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: November to February.

Activities and Water Sports: Beach volleyball, badminton, boat trip and you may additionally relax in a hammock.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around 15 KM.


Small Hell beach


Small Hell beach Zostel Gokarna
Small Hell beach Zostel Gokarna


It is one of the smooth and scanty seashores in Gokarna. That is a need to on all and sundry’s bucket listing who’s traveling Gokarna. Gokarna beaches reward you with surreal vistas of a protracted golden expanse of sand and rippling blue water.  Small Hell beach is just some other wonder on this old fashioned city that is unadulterated without a mundane yet.

While you race up to the small hell cliff, it overlooks this beautiful seaside and it’s far an impeccable sight to behold.

Location: Small Hell Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326

Best Time to go from November to February.

Activities and Water Sports: Trekking, swimming, camping and so on.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around 7.5 KM.


Belekan Beach


Belekan Beach
Belekan Beach Zostel Gokarna zostel gokarna

Take a ship trip from Gokarna beach to attain Belekan beach and if you are fortunate, you might spot a Dolphin or few. The seaside is positioned next to Moonlight seaside and is one of the remotest seashores in Gokarna where you should take boat driver’s variety to be able to keep away from any possibilities of getting stranded on the seaside.

Location: Bellekan village, Gokarna Road, Tadadi Port, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: November to March.

Activities and Water Sports: Boating and Frisbee.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around 7 KM


 Alvekodi Beach


Alvekodi seashore is a place of glittering sand, fast waves and endless greenery on one side and ceaseless seascape on every other. Walk via the paddy, groundnuts, onions, and different vegetable fields to trace down the course to this fascinating seaside.

Forming an integral part of the Alvekodi village, Alvekodi is one of the seashores in Gokarna which you could manage to pay for to miss.

Location: Alvekodi Beach., Kumta Town Rd, Alvekodi, Karnataka 581343

Best Time to go from November to February

Activities and Water Sports: A mountain climbing revel into the vintage lighthouse and Brahma Devara Guide.

Distance from Bus Station (Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda, Gokarna): Around 35 KM


How is Zostel Gokarna?


Zostel Gokarna is located right above a small hill with a grand view of Gokarna Beach. There’s a pathway down the hill from the back yard of Zostel to reach Gokarna beach.

AC dorms and cottages are well maintained, and very importantly the food includes continental. You name it, you get it.

It’s a peaceful place to stay if you visit Gokarna. You can also request them if they can arrange for a morning trek (if it’s happening, don’t miss it!) The guide will take you to all the beaches by walk. It would be the most memorable part since you’ll be making new friends, waling by nice sceneries.

Folks who are running Zostel are extremely co-operative and friendly! They have well maintained the place. Would advise you to please have your stay reserved as soon as the plan is finalized! (Consider yourself lucky if you have a reservation, especially on weekends!)

Tip: Do not forget asking for a morning trek, if the weather is not too hot.