TCS Ultimatix : What is TCS Ultimatix ? 10 Things you can do with TCS Ultimatix

What is Ultimatix TCS?

Every corporation has its ERP portal for automating worker-related offerings like salaries, timesheet, HR-associated offerings and so on. Small companies should purchase such services from different organizations as they have fewer employees. TCS is a huge organization having 3,87,000 employees and still developing. To manage all employee-related services and features, they need to put up massive and scalable system.

TCS serves the same purpose. Ultimatix is a reputable TCS portal for fulfilling worker-related services.


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What all things you can do with ERP System or TCS Ultimatix


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(1) Employees can fill their timesheets and details of the work they completed for a day.

(2) Employees can put leaves; Supervisors can approve or reject it through the leave management machine.

(3) You can get info of any employee working in an organization like in which project he is working, his supervisor, mobile no., email, and many more.

(4) You can download all of your salary slips through TCS ultimatix.

(5) You can download crucial documents just like the bonafide letter, joining letter, appointment letter, and so on.

(6) You can take a look at the possibilities to be had for you inside the organization.

(7) Performance management is used for dealing with revenue hike and advertising.

(8) The organization’s social network can be included here to attach humans and share ideas, light moments, mind.

(9) You can manage your Voluntary Provident fund, PF, all one of a kind allowances through the ERP portal.

(10) You can connect with your HR or other people for any help within the employer.


Benefits of the usage of Ultimatix :


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1. Employee management


The work details of an employee can be filled within the timesheet on a daily basis.
One can also view the work details of an employee like Project name, manager, email Id, and phone no.
A worker also can have to get admission to their files like salary slip, appointment letter. Increment letter, promoting letter, and so on. An employee can get admission to PF, VPF and different allowances via this portal.


2. Leave Management


A worker can apply for go leave through this portal which may be accepted or rejected through his/her manager.


3. Performance Management


An employee can enter all his performance-related info in this portal. These statistics may be assessed and evaluated via his/her supervisors for appraisal.


4. Other useful features


This portal permits a worker to look for inner process openings and apply for appropriate jobs.
This website additionally offers great internal connectivity which lets the personnel connect to other employees and the HR group.


Ultimatix App for iOS & Android:


TCS Ultimatix Touch App for iOS or Android phones is any other maximum popularly searched query among the TCS employees. Now the use of the Mobile App on Android mobiles for Android and iOS will give you the final get entry to all the capabilities of the TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal proper out of your pocket the use of your Mobile Phone.


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Now the Touch App of Ultimatix of TCS is available for both Android and iPhone users. So you can use the TCS ERP portal even in case you are an Android mobile consumer or iOS customers. And using the App will permit all the TCS employees to control their Timesheet, Resume Letters, Salary control, HR provider proper from their pocket the use of the App.

And using the App will allow all of the TCS personnel to manage their Timesheet, Resume Letters, Salary control, HR carrier proper from their pocket the use of the Touch App of TCS Ultimatix.

So now in case, you are a new employee of TCS or just a vintage one but yet to improve to the App then only for you without any extra delays. Here we will be offering you the guide on downloading the App for Android & iPhone users.


How to Download TCS Ultimatix Touch App on iOS & Android


To download the TCS Ultimatix Touch App on any of the iOS or Android device, you’ll simply need to complete some tasks given below. The Touch App is available for each iOS and Android Operating Systems.


So now you may be capable to make use of the App for each iPhone and Android mobile. Now to download and set up App the primary factor that you’ll be wanting is sign up your Mobile. To do it you may simply want to follow the few easy steps under.


  1. First of all, you’ll have to open the “TCS Ultimatix” on your Mobile device on each Android or iOS (iPhone) devices.
  2.  You’ll have to access the “Utilities” Section out of your TCS page in your Mobile device.
  3. Now you’ll have to open the Appmart of your Android or iOS tool.
  4. Now you’ll simply have to Register and authorized your Mobile for using TCS Ultimatix.
  5. Next, you will be shown special Apps which can be to be had for the Users to download on their Mobile.
  6. Now the last element that you will need to complete is to download and install the app by means of simply tapping on the TCS Ultimatix App.

Now when the installation is complete for your Mobile you are all ready to use and manage all of your Official work of TCS for all the employees the usage of this TCS ERP App. And to start you’ll be simply desiring to log in for your TCS Ultimatix App for your Mobile tool.



So it’s far a completely powerful ERP portal for TCS employees. And using this portal will make the management of Salary, Timesheet, HR Service and so forth for all of the TCS personnel. So now in case you are a worker of TCS then that is one of the first matters which you need to have in your hand.

Now, this Blog on TCS Ultimatix will provide you all of the records that are require for any of the TCS employees.  From TCS Ultimatix login, downloading its legit TCS App for iPhone and Android to TCS Global helpdesk to solve all of your issues.

Post Author: Joy Dhar