PUBG Update With Godzilla Event, Bizon Gun, Stable Vikendi

Tencent is recently driven the brand new to replace 0.12.5 to PUBG Mobile. Which added the Season 7 of the Battle Royale recreation onboard. Now, PUBG is working to carry the subsequent update for the fanatics of the game. And it appears that evidently the update 0.13.0 may have already got been rolling out to the Beta customers of the sport. This news comes from the popular YouTube Mr. Ghost Gaming, who has given a hint about what we will assume inside the subsequent replace together with a preview of the same. Like it’s far the case every time, even though we see a few additions inside the Beta mode. It’s far pretty feasible that Tencent may not push these for the solid model of the sport. Here are some of the brand new add-ons that we can get to look inside the cutting-edge Beta model of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Update

Godzilla Event

Just like PUBG had partnered up with Resident Evil 2 to convey the Zombie Mode, this time it has announced a partnership with the imminent film. Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. As a result of this partnership, the players get to see a new event in the game for you to come with a new loading display screen, new avatars and avatar frames. There may also be a brand new occasion mode referred to as Team Deathmatch. and this can permit teams to play against each different with limitless respawns. The winner on this health will that team, with the most quantity of kills in 9-10 minutes fit. There is likewise a Godzilla Easter egg where you could see. Godzilla lurking in the water when you spawn in Erangel. And you can also spot massive footprints on the map.

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Bizon Gun PUBG Update

In the closing update, we found the addition of the new Skorpion gun and this time with this new replace. PUBG Mobile can be bringing the Bizon gun. It is noteworthy that this gun is already in PUBG PC. It is a Russian submachine gun with the outfitted with a big capability helical mag which makes use of the 9mm ammo. Also, it isn’t confirmed, however, this gun is likely to be constrained to Erangel and Vikendi maps.

Kar98k Lab Skin PUBG Update

In the gun lab of PUBG Mobile, we now see a brand new addition. And this is the Terror Fang Kar98k. This new gun will come with up to seven research. That you may gain through collecting paint and substances from crates and rewards. Notably, this will be the fifth gun after the two M416, M16A4, and the UZI, so that it will be customizable inside the lab.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update

Vikendi Map PUBG Update

The Vikendi Map will now pop out of the Beta and will be to be had for complete download. Since the map will quickly be within the solid model, it will also come with fewer system faults and insects. From unlocked new mystery, the cave has also been if you want to come up with access to degree 3 loot in addition to rare guns like AWM and AUG A3. The update now also makes the tune of players visible on the snow. Additionally, the brand new update brings a brand new MVP to emote and new male brief voice sets.