No wifi Games for Android You Can Play Without Internet

Even nowadays there are tons of places wherein you could get the Internet. Even if you live in a big town with amazing community coverage, there are certain to be spotted in which connectivity is spotty. This is exactly where you want the high-quality Android games that don’t want WiFi to paintings. Speaking of labor, people who paintings in a basement realize how painful it’s miles to get no Internet and No wifi Games.

So, maintaining one or five terrific Android video games that don’t want WiFi on your phone all the time is an exquisite investment. For one, you’ll be capable of enjoying fine time every time you need however also received’ have to worry approximately connecting to the Internet and records expenses. These video games are especially encouraged when you are touring, mainly by air because there is not numerous leisure within the sky.

Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride

If you’re seeking to kill a few pleasant time at the same time as walking round in an underground laboratory, then Jetpack Joyride is one of the great video games around. It is a 2-D aspect scrolling countless runner that gives an amazing stage of control and thrilling gameplay. Your important intention is to continue to exist the level as long as you can, all of the even as gathering coins, using energy u.S.And killing evil scientists. Of path in real arcade gaming style, there might be obstacles along with the manner. Thankfully, the sport balances them with cool energy united states of America and the unique control scheme that’s clean to use. It’s one of those games that you discover easy to start however difficult to master, in particular timing your jumps proper is critical and lasting lengthy on this game.

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Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Ever questioned how it’d feel to be an enormous shark? I know you probably did. Hungry Shark Evolution permits you to stay the delusion of being a terrifying shark and dominating now not most effective see creatures but also human beings. It is a tremendous concept that makes for compelling gameplay and excessive replay price. The basic premise of Hungry Shark Evolution is to eat or be eaten. Like a shark, you’ll be capable of gobble down smaller fish however you’ll additionally have to avoid bigger predators that can without problems make quick paintings of you. There are also collectibles to acquire, ratings to conquer and challenges to complete while gambling this fantastically rendered three-D sport. Of course, you’ll additionally be capable of consuming humans and live out your Jaws fantasies.



Badland is one of the pleasant Android video games that doesn’t need Wifi surely because it gives compelling gameplay without the need for connectivity. It is also one of the exceptional looking 2-D games on our cherished platform and it looks excellent on any screen. The sport is an aspect scrolling journey one with a generous sprinkle of on the fly puzzles as well as a few particular gameplay factors so one can maintain you engaged all through the game. The one tap controls of the sport offer a remarkable level of control in spite of being so simplistic. There are a couple of ranges if you want to play via and typically speak, all of them are well designed and provide something new. However, once you finish the levels, there may be little incentive to revisit them.

Three-D POOl Ball

Image result for Three-D POOl Ball

If you’re keen on Pool then you may without a doubt revel in gambling this sport. Even in case, you’re not a huge fan, it’s far nevertheless an addictive recreation with strong mechanics a good way to hold you hooked. By pooling, I suggest the balls and stick/cue sport, no longer the pool you visit inside the summertime, even though that might be satisfactory as properly. The recreation gives super searching visuals and pretty realistic animations. There is a sturdy off-line mode that permits you to compete against a totally bold AI opponent. To be sincere, I had a tough little bit of a difficult time beating that AI. Of route in actual Pool style, you’ll also be able to go online and undertaking other gamers however we’re now not going to speak about that inside the fine off-line games for Android listing.



Most of the off-line video games for Android that don’t require Wifi are not deep role-playing games that require a critical time commitment. Thankfully, we’ve got Eternium, an epic function gambling sport with distinctive lessons and talents to preserve you occupied for hours on giving up. Sure, it isn’t always going to be like console video games, however, it does come near with regards to high-quality gameplay. There are several training for you to select from and all of them play very differently. You also get new competencies for the lessons as you development through the game by means of defeating enemies. The three-D world of this game is very properly-designed and enemy AI is likewise good for an RPG. Eternium is one of the best RPG games for Android right now genuinely due to its center arcade gameplay with a superb loot device.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a uniquely beautiful sport about smashing the glass with steel balls. That’s it, it’s a recreation approximately throwing hard balls at the fragile glass and scoring big time. Although it gets a little bit tougher to hit the glass whilst you’re transferring at breakneck speeds. The three-D levels of Smash Hit make you flow forward even as displaying targets as a way to hit. Keep on hitting the targets and you’ll score hugely for the duration of the direction of a round. It is basically an infinite runner without the jogging but rather it gives something even higher, smashing physics primarily based items. I can cross on and on approximately how stunning the game seems however surely, you need to check this one out yourself to fully respect its fluidity.

Into the Dead

 Into the Dead No wifi Games

So what if you don’t need to hit the glass with steel balls, but as an alternative, you need to hit zombies in the head with bullets? Then Into the Dead has what you want. Even even though there’s a sequel to this recreation but I received ’t propose it as it uses lots of online capabilities and simply isn’t that fun off-line.

The purpose of the sport is to run via a sea of zombies at the same time as accumulating guns and the usage of them to shield yourself.

The longer you continue to exist, the better the rating and the extra you’ll have to spend on new guns and perks. It’s a noticeably worthwhile gameplay loop in an effort to maintain you engaged for a totally long time without the need to connect to the Internet. It also enables that the game has stunningly lovely portraits that fit the mood well. Overall it’s one of the great Android video games that don’t want WiFi.

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Asphalt eight: No wifi Games

Asphalt eight No wifi Games

While there are a few capabilities that do require an Internet connection in Asphalt 8: Airborne, it’s far nonetheless an exciting revel in off-line. You’ll be capable of competing in races towards competent AI opponents and feature a blast spitting thru superbly designed racetracks. The recreation takes you throughout the globe and allows you to pressure distinct automobiles, all the while pulling off insane stunts. There are not lots that you can dislike about this sport, the arcade racer is one of the nice ones on the platform and has the capacity to truly draw close your interest for the duration of the race. It is not a practical recreation in a long way and that’s the splendor of the Asphalt collection.

Plague Inc: No wifi Games

Plague Inc No wifi Games

Did you ever surprise what could occur if a virus broke out throughout the globe? What will survive and what is going to truly pass down? Plague Inc. Is the answer to all those questions. Your main aim is to certainly wipe out humanity from the face of the earth and absolutely get rid of mankind with a particularly designed plague. It is a completely compelling gameplay mechanic that has quite a few rooms for creativity and improvisation. Seeing your handiwork infect every individual across the planet is a completely rewarding revel in, despite the fact that a little evil to say the least. The game offers a fantastic mix between simulation and approach and has been praised by way of all of the critics however additionally gamers.

Alto’s Adventure: No wifi Games

No wifi Games

Alto’s Adventure takes you on a chilled skiing journey across beautiful backdrops and permits you to tug off notable stunts. It is one of the maximum beautiful looking games on Android that performs and runs particularly nicely on Android hardware. The visuals are amazing and could hold you engaged for a completely long term. The controls are simple and intuitive so that you’ll haven’t any problem landing tricks across slopes and mountains. The physics primarily based gameplay is worthwhile and requires a healthy level of talent to fully hold close. The procedurally generated stages are truly a sight to behold, in particular when blended with dynamic lighting and amazing weather effects. Overall, it’s miles one extremely good Android sport that doesn’t require WiFi to play.