How I Made My First ever online Earning!! From 0$ to 100$/month

Last year On this day I opened my first ever website Overfleek. So on its first birthday, I decided to share my way in which I made my first online earning so that the newbie blogger or the people who are facing difficulty can get a genuine way of online earning.

 How I Made My First ever Online Earning


I am Joy Dhar,  The only person behind Overfleek, I am a part-time blogger and a content writer. I belong to a middle-class family like all of you. So after completion of my higher secondary I decided to do something online so that I can earn at least my pocket money by my self.


Like all of you do  I  did too. I searched for How to make money online without any investment. I used to search and browse day and night from google to Quora, Youtube and every similar place. And I tried to apply all but nothing worked  for me. I  opened a youtube channel but after a few months of hard work I did not earn even a single cent so I gave up. lost my 1 year doing nothing. Fully demotivated.


I saw many videos on youtube that people were giving screenshots of 5 figures earning from affiliate marketing. So I tried to find out how to do affiliate marketing and what are the requirements. I joined as an affiliate on Amazon and started to share those affiliated links on Facebook but unfortunately after 3 months that account got suspended. I Lost my all hopes.


Blogging Journey

I decide to do some investment so I planned to start Blogging. I purchased this domain from big rock and cheap & Best shared hosting from Godaddy. But I was afraid of article writing, SEO, link building. I started o follow youtube videos so that I can learn How to write articles without knowing advanced English. Even I started to join Facebook groups related to blogging.


I found a Facebook group named Bloggers Funda, I joined there. Though I was not aware so much about blogging but  I  stayed there to learn different things from the group member queries. Every day there was new ideas,  new topic and new queries. I observed that I am getting interest on it. So I decided to join more Blogging group. I found two more valuable group, named The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together] and Bloggers passion VIP group.


Where I met some awesome experienced bloggers like Anil Agarwal (Founder of Bloggerspassion), Santanu Debnath (Founder of Bloggingjoy), Umer Qureshi (Founder of Guideblogging), Saurabh Tiwari (Founder of Techibhai), Indranil Bhukta (Founder of Rankcage), Navin Rao and  Tushar Dey (Founder of Makesuccessonline).


I started to interact with them to learn Blogging in deep. Also I started to follow them on how they are interacting with other bloggers, how they are writing articles. I can’t forget their support. They guided  and motivated me always like a brother.

I participated in their weekly events like blog post share, blog comments, Quora upvotes which increased my website social signals. And you know what social signals are the most essential for the website to rank on google.


After a few days I found that my website is growing 🙂

I kept posting articles without doing any SEO because I did not have that much knowledge of SEO. I met with Chayan Chakrabarti (owner of Simple facts Online), Who guided me on how and where I can do SEO. After that I started to follow youtube videos of “Brian Dean“, “Nathan Gotch“, “Neil Patel” to learn SEO.

From the Youtube channel of  Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj  named Blogging QnA, I learned how to make profile backlinks and comments backlinks. After creating some backlinks I observed that my domain authority & page authority is increased

And as a result traffic on my website also increased.

Though I have not received any earning till then but I was happy with my daily life actions.


I planned to apply for Adsense then I applied but somehow google Adsense criteria failed to match with my website so I got rejected. I started to find out the reason behind the rejection. I got a video by Amit Mishra on How To Get Approved Adsense Account For Your Website. I followed every method mentioned there and luckily I got my AdSense approval in September 2019.


Here I met the turning point of my life. From September I started earning some $ from google Adsense daily.

But in the middle of September google introduced a hardcore update in which I lost many keywords which ranked in top google page with 90%  of my traffics. I was broken. I reached out with other bloggers. They faced the same. Then I found that they are not only dependent on Adsense even a maximum of them have not introduced their website with Adsense.


I was so curious that How they are earning!!

I observed that in the maximum of their post they are providing their feedback and information about their blogging weapons like plugins, themes, hosting. then I found that they are affiliated with those companies and promoting their products through their post.

This idea attracted me 🙂

After a few research I started to join the affiliate of some companies like Siteground, Bigrock, Namecheap.

and here was the result after one month.



Currently I am running 3 successful blogs along with it I am writing content for other bloggers as a freelancer content writer. I just started my youtube channel “Joy Dhar” to guide and help newbie bloggers in a practical way.


Do I have to know enough English to start a blog/website?

There are no such strict rules that you have to write in English. You can start your website/Blog on your preferred language. There is no issue with it. But it will be good if you can start in English because English is a global language. So you can target the global audience.

If you have grammar issues or spelling issues you can use a free browser extension named “Grammarly“.Which let you fix your errors related to spelling and grammar.


Do I have to know the programming languages to start a blog/website?

No it is not required to know programming languages. Because you will get a completely developed platform and just doing drag and drop you can access and customize your blog/website.

But if you know the programming languages it will be easy for you to customize

blog/website as you wish.


What to do to learn Blogging for free?

I know there are lots of paid courses available but You can learn Blogging for free. Lots of bloggers are providing their courses and case studies for free. Just browse on google, youtube follow any blogger or blogging related channel even you can join and learn from Facebook groups.


If you want to learn blogging practically you can simply reach to other bloggers and can work as a freelancer with them. At the beginning of my blogging journey, I worked with Sujoy Dhar (the owner of Wideinfo). I worked there as a content writer and website designer. I learned so many new things with practical experiences. Even I earned a good amount of money. So you can do it to get a live experience along with some money.

Just reach to a blogger and explain that you want to learn blogging while working with her/him. It can be paid or some time it can be unpaid.


How to start blogging?

Everyone can start blogging at any time if he/she wants to do it

You just need a Gmail account. Go to the and start blogging for free.


Don’t know how to create a complete website!!!?

Don’t worry here is your complete tutorial  How To Create Free Website and Earn Money [ $100/Day ]? {Step-By-Step User Guide}

I know many of us get fear while investing some money. But sometimes its better to invest and take some action because by doing this you can change your life.

If you want to create a professional website & earn money from it for a lifetime then it will be good to purchase a brandable domain name and Hosting. It will cost some money but not a bad idea at all. In returns you will get 100X money of your investment with your brand value.

Note: You can purchase the best hosting at a cheap price from Siteground right now.


How much money you can earn from blogging?

let me know How much water you can collect from a sea?? Uncountable right!! Same here in blogging, some bloggers earn 100$ per month and some bloggers earn 100$ within a minute.

It depends on your effort and your strategies. But don’t think that you will earn a huge amount of money on the next day you start blogging. It can take some time maybe 1 month or 1 year so keep patience.


Note: Don’t get in touch with the trap. Some good people can be a  scammer on the other face. Not each people are genuine. So before trusting blindly make sure that the people are genuine. Always keep in mind money can’t be owned in any easy way or shortcut way. Hard work pays off.


Conclusion: I shared all the secrets of my one year journey. Don’t know how much it can help or motivate you. If you need any help related to blogging, always feel free to contact me. I will be happy & glad to help you.

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  1. That was a lovely article on earning from blogging..
    Great that you are slready earning in dollars sir..
    Great…it was an informative article….will help others..
    Hats off..Joy Dhar..

  2. I am very happy for you buddy as you have started your affiliate marketing journey. The feeling of making the first Dollar is simply amazing and I can understand your exact feeling. Just keep researching more and create more articles with proper buyer intent to increase your affiliate sale. All the very best.

  3. I really appreciate you Joy Da, best of luck for your journey.. This blogg so much informative that will help others.

  4. Damn, great story buddy and happy birthday to your blog. Happy for you, keep growing the way you are.

    Affiliate Marketing is sexier than any other monetization method if done right. Even if it’s gets harder to make money out of it initially, continue to do that. Money will start flowing as the learning and execution begins.

    Good to know you are into freelance writing as well. Multiple source of income is always crucial in Blogosphere.

    Glad to find a spot in your journey.


  5. Best Wishes to your site, Joy Dhar. I was on Santanu Debnath Facebook group and saw your post. It would be great if you can share your earnings, even if they are least. Let me know your failure story also, So we can avoid those bad blogging mistakes. 🙂

    thanks. palla.

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