Laptop vs Desktop – which one to choose? same configuration but the difference in performance??

Laptop vs Desktop – which one to buy????

This question is generally arise to all users whenever the debate is between the performance of Desktop and laptop. Though having the same ram, same hard disk and also processors they give as different performance in feedback. so main reasons are –

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1.Power (Laptop vs Desktop)

its all about the game of power whatever is it technology or any kind of human activities. So here In Laptop, A battery preserves the power consumptions and that provides low power so as a result, we get low performance. Electricity is totally depended upon the power. Overclocked processors provide high performance because of having a little bit extra power. So here Desktop wins.

2. Cooling System (Laptop vs Desktop)

Our Smartphones does not have any cooling system, as a result, we get low performances and also lag during any hardcore work or playing high graphics game like Pubg.

In the laptop, we do not get any cooling system. The way of exhausting is also weak because there is not enough way to exhaust first and keep the whole system cool. But in the desktops, there are lots of fans which keeps the whole system cool that increases our performances.

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3. Motherboard (Laptop vs Desktop)

The size of the motherboard in the Desktop is larger than the motherboard used in Laptop. Motherboard helps to increase the performance of all other components so here desktop wins.


it is easy to upgrade the components of desktop because we can change every component as own wish there are no limitations. In laptops, we can only modify the Ram and Hard drive. Others things are either built-in and not removable. The laptop is not designed to work with an upgraded version of components. The Ram, Harddisk is differently made for the laptop and desktop depending upon its spaces and size.

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5. Repair

repairing a desktop is much easier since most of the hardware can be purchased from the market but the laptop parts and components are difficult to find and repair

If you want to work outside and need all the documents along with you every time then you should buy the laptop but if you can work at your home then go for desktop it will provide better performance and better feedback.

credit : Technical Sagar

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