Kika Emoji Keyboard : Top 7 Best Android Keyboard Apps

Kika Emoji Keyboard: Emoji Keyboard-coloration is more than just an attractive opportunity to the Android keyboard. It’s also a terrific preference if, besides a nicely-designed keyboard, you are searching out one that lets in you to exchange each the font and text length.


With this app, you can additionally create your custom keyboard using an image. Any picture can come to be a keyboard thanks to this nifty device.

What’s extra, it also lets you look for unique subject matters via the Internet, supplying you with the option to locate an infinite array of colorful, conventional, or themed keyboards similarly to those blanketed by using the default.


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Emoji Keyboard-colour additionally has autocompleted, autocorrect, autocapitalization, phrase prediction, and images and smileys that you could insert into the textual content to provide a fun twist to your conversations.


How to Use Emoji on Android


Kika Emoji Keyboard



You can type emoji the use of the native Android keyboards or via downloading a 3rd-birthday party emoji keyboard for improved emoji alternatives. Tap the emoji icon in the decrease right of the keyboard to browse emoji and upload them for your messages.

Open your messaging app. On inventory Android telephones, that is Hangouts with the aid of default.
Samsung telephones come with their messaging app called “Messages”


Tap a conversation.

Tap the text field. The keyboard will appear.

Tap the smiley icon. This is within the decrease right nook of the keyboard.

Tap an emoji. The selected emoji could be introduced for your message.
Swipe left or proper or faucet the class icons on the top of the keyboard to browse via diverse emoji.

Tap the “:-)” button to switch to ASCII formatted emoticons. These can be useful for speaking with non-telephone customers, considering they may no longer be able to render emoji despatched from your device.

Tap ABC to return to the regular keyboard


Using Kika Emoji Keyboard


Kika Emoji Keyboard
Kika Emoji Keyboard


Install Kika Keyboard.

There are many emoji keyboard alternatives to pick out from. Try looking at the Play Store for “emoji keyboard” for extra alternatives.

Open the Settings. This may be located within the app drawer and is represented by the equipment icon.

Tap Language and Input. This is positioned in the “Personal” segment of the menu

Tap Current Keyboard. This is located beneath “Keyboard & Input Methods”.

Select the Kika Keyboard. This will set it as your number one keyboard.

Open your messaging app. On stock Android phones, this is Hangouts by way of default.
Samsung phones come with their very own messaging app known as “Messages”.

Tap a conversation.

Tap the text field. The keyboard will seem.

Tap the “Kika” icon. This is positioned in the higher left corner of the keyboard and will let you alternate your emoji-fashion or
Most emoji are standardized, but understand that if you are using precise emoji, different users might not be capable of seeing them if they do no longer have the equal software hooked up on their device.

Tap the smiley icon. This is in the lower-left nook of the keyboard and could convey up the emoji interface.

Tap the magnifying glass. This is located within the higher left of the emoji display and could help you search for unique emoji.

Tap an emoji. It can be introduced to the selected text area.
Swipe left or proper or tap the class icons on the top of the keyboard to browse via diverse emoji.

Kika and a few other keyboards may also recommend emoji along with autocorrecting alternatives along the top of the keyboard as you kind.
Tap the keyboard icon in the decrease-left corner to go back to the normal alphabetical keyboard.



Best Android Keyboard Apps


Replacing the stock keyboard is one of the matters that make Android so tremendous. In just a few simple steps you may change the appearance and sense of the keyboard. There are a plethora of keyboard apps available inside the Play Store. You mustn’t stay with the keyboard that came pre-setup. Here are some of the excellent Android keyboard apps you can download.


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Kika Emoji Keyboard


Swiftkey isn’t always only one of the most famous keyboard apps, however, it’s probably one of the most popular Android apps in well-known. It has been around for all time and it just keeps getting better. Swiftkey has terrific predictions and autocorrects, many issues to select from, customization alternatives, account sync, and more.






Google has a legitimate app for the whole thing, so it’s no marvel they have a keyboard app. Gboard is simple and very rapid. It doesn’t have a ton of features like a few different keyboard apps, but that’s what people like about it. You still get issues and customization options, plus the electricity of Google for predictive textual content.






Fleksy claims to be the “fastest keyboard inside the world.” While we can verify or deny that declare, it’s far a speedy keyboard. It has great vehicle-accurate, gestures, and tons of on hand extensions. This is one of these keyboard apps that has everything and the kitchen sink.






As the name implies, Chrooma is a completely colorful keyboard. The coolest characteristic is the potential of the keyboard to trade shade based on the app you’re the usage of. It also blends in and appears wonderful. Chrooma is also lightweight and speedy, plus you could use an extra row for emoji, numbers, and suggestions.


Ginger Keyboard


Ginger Keyboard

Ginger Keyboard has something for every sort of keyboard customers. It has emoji, stickers, GIFs, themes, or even video games. On top of all that, Ginger makes use of AI to investigate text and analyze your writing tendencies. The keyboard simply receives smarter as you use it extra.






TouhPal’s most exceptional feature is the contextual prediction. While you’re typing out a phrase predictions for the subsequent phrase will seem at the letters you’re maximum in all likelihood to faucet next. TouchPal also has a whole lot of the same capabilities from the opposite apps in this list, like emoji, GIFs, and issues.


Slash Keyboard


slash keyboard android


Slash Keyboard does loads more than simply can help you type text. The keyboard used to search within a large choice of offerings. Simply kinda “/” and instructions will pop up for popular services like Google, YouTube, Giphy, Wikipedia, and more. You don’t even need to go away from the app.