13 Best & Free Karaoke Singing App For Your Android

You can’t refuse to just accept, part of you likes singing. We all sing not regularly but every so often we all do. Whenever we listen to our favorite songs, we lost ourselves in them. Some folks are shy, we don’t sing when someone is around but while we’re alone, We are Rock Stars of our very own world.


If you are a music lover and feature a passion for singing however you don’t have a budget to shop for the instrument for singing. You can use Karaoke apps on your mobile phone. It is one of the satisfactory matters music which allows you to record your voice on the original music background.


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Karaoke app allows you to sing, recording and additionally sharing your voice together with your buddies, own family and additionally fans through social media.

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Karaoke is a fun time activity that can be used by song lovers. You can without problems record your voice by your self, duet or additionally within the group. It doesn’t need any age restriction to use any of the karaoke apps.


If you’ve got a passion for singing and you are shy you must use any of the following karaoke apps. It increases your making a song experience and also gets rid of your hesitation and shyness.

Here is a list of karaoke apps that you can deploy in your Android. Some of those may additionally fulfill your enjoyment desires and some might not.


13 Best karaoke apps for Android


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SMULE: Sing! Karaoke


Previously called Sing! Karaoke, SMULE is one of the main karaoke apps to be had on Android, iOs and Apple TV. CNET in 2018 introduced that SMULE is the biggest karaoke singing apps at that time.


Using this karaoke singing app, singers can easily create a solo, duet, and group singing performances together with their favorite singing stars around the world. The remarkable audio results available on SMULE makes you feel like a celebrity and additionally permits the sharing of performances across social media platforms.


 smule Karaoke Singing App


Main Features:


  • Self-recording with video.
  • Various Audio effects.
  • Share your karaoke with everybody you want.
  • You can have a duet with numerous pop artists.


Sing Karaoke by Starmaker


As the name says, Starmaker Karaoke app only helps you to pick out the most famous songs, trending songs, songs from tops artists, etc for your Karaoke overall performance. The idea is to select the big name songs and make the karaoke performers feel like real stars.


Another feature of this karaoke singing app is that you could additionally edit your track/add effects for your voice after recording the music or while you recording the tune. Starmaker additionally has a built-in reducing facet voice enhancement function to ensure the karaoke overall performance recorded is of the best pleasant.


 Starmaker Karaoke Singing App


Main Features:


  • Record and edit songs.
  • Collaborate with your friends and favored artists.
  • The Cutting-part voice enhancement technology.
  • Make new friends from all over the world.


Red Karaoke


After SMULE, Red Karaoke is among the most famous karaoke singing apps available on android and ios. Singers can easily record their karaoke overall performance and share it with their fans. Red Karaoke lets in customers to sing duet performances, add sound effects, balance music with video, add video effects for higher output in conjunction with a listing of many different functions.


Red Karaoke Karaoke Singing App


Main Features:


  • 100 % well suited with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
  • Sing and record duets.
  • Sing any track you want from million hit songs, record, and Share.


The Voice:


The Voice is also available on each android and ios. This Karaoke singing app has a terrific collection of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One feature that differentiates The Voice from other Karaoke singing apps is that the more songs you sing; the extra songs get unlocked from a list of top-appearing artists around the world. This app also helps you add special audio effects and additionally permits sharing your performances on social media.


Karaoke Singing App


Main Features


  • Sing karaoke with Audio effects.
  • Record your song videos.
  • Share on social media with your friends.




Counted as an alternative to SMULE in the interim in terms of karaoke singing apps available on android and ios. A first-rate and easily navigable UI, help users to easily sing, record and share their musical performances throughout multiple social media platforms.


 Yokee singing app


Yokee additionally lets in various forms of audio enhancement with echo and little reverb to help users sound like an actual star during their karaoke overall performance. This karaoke making a song app leverages the YouTube unlimited library get right of entry to video and songs.


Sing Play


Available on Android and iOs structures Sing Play has a library of unfastened karaoke tracks in which unlike other karaoke singing apps, customers don’t ought to download any tracks before starting their overall performance. Using Sing Play you can sing, record and share your performances together with your social media followers.


 Sing Play


My Voice


An iOs best karaoke making a song app, My Voice lets in karaoke artists to sing a completely unique track with an existing identify tune. Probably the quality manner to showcase your making a song as well as the lyrical talent to the track industry international. This app additionally allows you to pick any track or tune of your desire out of your device media gallery.


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Last in the list but with comes with a listing of many specific features. Voloco karaoke singing app is an auto track app blended with vocoding. The app comes with 6 exclusive vocal results to assist karaoke performers easily accurate their voice-based totally at the genre, word of the music and interest of the consumer. Karaoke performers can also record their personal selfie karaoke overall performance video and percentage it with their followers across social media.


Conclusion :


Technology has changed the way we interact with every different. The tools and devices best to be had in positive institutions before can now be effortlessly accessed on our mobile gadgets. Now, we will have amusing and thrilling karaoke nights with our buddies, everywhere, through our smartphones.

To all who like to sing their hearts out and no longer deliver care about the arena, join the huge network of karaoke singers in this type of best-unfastened karaoke app for Android.