Kaafir-A series less in talk but deserves more attention

Kaafir-A series less in talk but deserves more attention

Kaafir is a web series that is decidedly less heard among the audiences, but in my opinion, it
deserves its spot.

I was thinking of watching the series for a very long time and after watching the series. I agree
that my time was justified instead of being a wastage like the previous watch Patal Look.

Kaafir aired on the networks of ZEE5 on 15th June 2019. The series has some brilliant
performances by Dia Mirza as Kainaaz Akhtar, followed by Mohit Raina and Dishita Jain as


Storyline of Kaafir


It’s a real story based on the life of Shehnaz Parveen- who was sentenced for imprisonment in
the jails of India for being a Pakistani Mole but later found to be innocent. She mistakenly lands
on the border of India, where the military suspects her to be a militant and is sentenced to jail.
While serving her sentences, she gets raped by a fellow officer and later gives birth to a baby
a girl named Seher.


Later, a journalist who gets to grab her story seeks justice for her in the court of law as a lawyer.
Kaafir is a series of 8 long episodes where at one moment, you will find it difficult to grab your
interest, but ultimately it’s the emotions of Dia Mirza and her acting, which will win over your



I think that Dia Mirza hasn’t had much opportunity to showcase her acting skills and has been
out of the limelight for a very long time. Finally, she gets to render her mastery in acting through
Kaafir, which would be a great booster for her career.
Kaafir has got the cherry on the cake flavor that can bring out the emotions inside you and make
you drop some tears.


An emotional narrative that has some heart touching music without any song, but the attractive
part of the series is the locations and the beauties of the hills- are present explicitly well
in the series.


If I had to list a few of the best Hindi web series to watch, then I would be including Kaafir in my
list- which I neglect that it couldn’t grab my eyeballs before but never the less finally I thought of
watching the series, which was worth my valuable time.


By going by her past few works on scripts like Raazi, Lootera, and Black, writer Bhavani Iyer
ensures to leave impressive results with the scripting of Kaafir.


Without a doubt, she delivers the best engaging script ensuring that Kaafir doesn’t be a failure.
The internal matters between the two countries India and Pakistan are such that an innocent
soul needs to bear the consequences, which is portrayed really well in this heart-touching web


How to watch Kaafir online

If you are a premium subscriber of ZEE5 and are looking for some recommendation about a few
of the best web series to watch in ZEE5, then we recommend you to watch Kaafir and see if our
a genuine review for the web series had helped you make your time worth.


Final Words

Kaafir should be on your list of web series to watch if you are looking for a highly sensitive
subject-based web series to watch.
A series that can make you picture the essence of love, emotions, and caring. Simioustiously,
convey the message of how unfair is the system that is designed to provide justice to innocents
is the inventor to take away the lives of the innocents.


Rating:  4.5/5


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