LYF Jio F271i Stock firmware( Easily install Jio f271i flash file)

Many people in India are using the LYF Jio F271i handset(black). Sometimes many users face a common issue that their smartphone got bricked. That means your smartphone is probably facing software issues like boot loop issues, IMEI issues, or dead issues.

This means that you have to upgrade, downgrade, or re-install the stock OS or firmware on your smartphone. The latest firmware or OS that is available on the web is version R22.0.0001.

To re-install or upgrade this OS or firmware on your smartphone you don’t need to go to any mobile repair shop or service center. If you have a PC or laptop at your home you can do this on your own and it’s pretty easy.

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Jio f271i flash file

Jio f271i flash file

This smartphone uses the KAI OS.  You just need to connect your mobile to your PC and you will just simply have to follow the steps mentioned below and you will be good to go. One thing you should keep in mind is that the phone must have at least 50-60% of battery left before this process.

How to install stock firmware on LYF Jio F271i


  • Download and install the Spreadtrum USB Driver for your Android device.
  • Download the stock ROM/firmware on your computer and try to download the latest version which is R22.0.0001 and save this file on your desktop so it will be really easy to find at the time of installation.

  • Download and extract the SPD tool, once the extraction is complete you will see a lot of files.

  • Find the SPD research tool and launch the file that says “ResearchDownlaod.exe”.

  • Turn off the device and connect it to your PC or laptop via a USB cable.

  • After connecting the device successfully, click on the gear icon called “Load packet” on the left-hand side from the top. Then select the firmware or OS file that you have downloaded from the internet.

  • Once you have successfully selected the file to be installed on your device, you need to click the “Start downloading” button to begin the installation process.

    Note: During this re-installation process, your device may restart several times but you don’t have to worry about anything, this is totally normal. Just sit back and wait for the process to be completed.


  • Once the process is completed successfully then a message will be displayed to you showing passed written in green on the SPD tool. The whole process takes about 1 hour roughly.


Now the process is complete, turn on your device, go to the About Phone section and check for the firmware version.


Disclaimer: This is an informative guide, only for educational and information purposes. We are not responsible for any kind of activity regarding this.