How to Earn Money Online when you are a student

Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online

There are several ways to earn money online some are fraud some are good but I will discuss the exact ways where you will get your online money 100% sure.

Work as a Social Media Manager

If you have enough knowledge about social media then you can work as a social media manager for any company or organization because there are lots of companies that need a social media manager. you have to manage their social pages and customers. And you can easily get a lot amount of money by doing this without any investment.

Product Reselling

In the generation of Digital Marketing, it’s the best way to earn money without any investment. You just have to create an account to the particular website or apps then you can work as a reseller. like,

Apps : Meesho,eBay,Facebook Marketplace,Letgo,offer up,Cashify


If you have enough skill in about any technical side then you can work as a Freelancer. If you do not have any skill at all still you can work as a freelancer first bid any project then learn it from youtube there are several websites where you can work as a freelancer without having any previous knowledge like-


up work




Playing Online Games

It’s strange but true that in our country we don’t provide enough courage to gamers.if you are a game lover and if it’s your hobby then you can earn by playing games

3.Lucky Day
4.Dream Cricket


Transcription jobs

If you are enough good in English then you can work as a transcriber there are lots of websites they provide valuable money in a short time on the basis of transcription


Transcribe me

Transcription Job

and also those freelancer websites -freelancer, up work, etc.

Blogging and Youtube

it’s also a process where you can earn money but I am not suggesting this right now because in this you have to invest Lil bit of money .but if you have enough skill then you can go for Youtube and then you earn money while publishing with new contents and same as if you have enough writing skill with proper knowledge and if you can invest little bit money then you can go for Blogging also there are several free blogging sites where you can post your blog for free like –



if you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to ask.

Thank you.