How To Choose a Pizza Peel – The Complete Guide

How To Choose a Pizza Peel??? A Pizza Peel is a tool commonly used for picking up the pizzas from the work surface and putting them on to the oven. You can get the pizza peels in different sizes, shapes, materials of various lengths, in which you need to choose which is most flexible to working areas. The pizza peels of larger sizes are cumbersome, while the short ones would not easily allow the pizza makers to manage the oven. Hence choosing the right tools can be complicated at times.

What are the factors that should you consider choosing a pizza peel?

 how to choose A pizza peel


Each pizza peels have different features that satisfy the requirement of different users. Some of the tips for choosing a pizza peel are:



The pizza peels are available in round or rectangular shapes. It is a traditional pizza peel, but safe to use. The pizza peel, made of a rectangle, provides you with a larger surface area in complete contact with the pizza in terms of grip point, which makes it easy to lift the pizza at the front. On the other hand, the round peel comes to you with an extended grip point associated with gentle, regular, milling, over a large extent of the curve, which helps the pizza maker to lift the pizza not only from the front but also from the side. The round peels have beveled corners, which makes the pizzas closer inside the oven, making sure that handling is correct, thereby increasing the oven efficiency.



Selecting the size of the pizza peel hand is critical. It depends on how big or small you make. A standard pizza peel comes to you with a diameter of 33-36 cm. The maximum size that you get in a large pizza peel of 40-50 cm. If you are making a bigger pizza, you can opt for a rectangular pizza peel, which enables you to make the pizzas like Rome Style Pizza, Pizza by meter, etc.

You’ve got to select the handle size, considering the oven depth that you use, and the long handle to avoid burns. A 30cm handle is suitable for tunnel and small ovens, which the pizza makers use in the bars very often. If you have an expertise in professional electrical furnaces, 60cm handle is the right option, recommended for expert pizza-makers. If you have a bigger and artisanal oven, 120 to 200 cms are best-suited for your needs.



The pizza peels are available in materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. All these materials have their merits and demerits.

    • Wooden Pizza Peels – Wooden peels are traditional and flexible. However, the longevity is less, and cleaning is difficult.
    • Steel Pizza Peels – It lasts longer. The Steep Pizza Peels are smoother and firmer, resilient to impacts that occur while maneuvering between the surface and the oven. However, they are heavier than aluminum.
    • Aluminum Pizza Peels – They are light-weight and can minimize the dough and peel head friction. So picking the pizzas and shoving them into the oven becomes fluid, which gives natural movements. The aluminum pizza peels have a structure that is strong & durable. On the other hand, they tend to be more delicate than other materials.


How To Choose a Pizza Peel?? It depends on the requirement of your domestic or professional setup. If you are a professional pizza maker, having a big oven, you can go for the aluminum pizza peel with 120 to 200 cms.