30 Easy Tips To Be The Best Girlfriend [ Be The Perfect Girl ]

How To Be The Best Girlfriend
How To Be The Best Girlfriend



How to Be the Best Girlfriend – Ladies! This might be the most precious article you’ll ever examine on a way to be the satisfactory girlfriend and by means of extension, be the excellent life accomplice of your boyfriend. No, it isn’t always approximately you using faux beauty makeovers or reasonably-priced seduction techniques. An exquisite girlfriend is way past these outer facades or pretending to be someone you are not.

If you’re lucky to be in a courting with a realistic, being concerned, clever, and wise boy, he certainly appears beyond these trivial things. Instead, you want to be a person with whom he would sense lucky to spend the relaxation of his life.

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Before knowing about How To Be The Best Girlfriend know that :

Signs You’re A Bad Girlfriend

1. Nothing is ever Your fault

2. You do not  appreciate whatever

3. You maintain him on an (honestly) tight leash

4. You  Constantly Flake on Plans

5. You Blackmail him

6.No sex life

7. You don’t care what you look like in front of him.

Signs You're A Bad Girlfriend
Signs You’re A Bad Girlfriend

How to Be the Best Girlfriend


Be attentive

First, be aware of him. Make positive you’re present in his life and no longer just a bystander he calls his lady friend. Watch how his likes and dislikes change and be aware of them. You’ll be able to higher apprehend him and offer him with things he likes. There could be days whilst all he wants to do is come home to you and tell you about the terrible day he’s been having.

Remember what we said approximately the hard man act? Underneath that facade is a human being wanting an associate who will concentrate on his memories.

Be Humble

Being an arrogant, bloodless-hearted chick can take its toll on any man.

If you watched that you’re virtually good, not only will he get bored with it, however, it might start getting insecure approximately himself.

So be humble about yourself. You’ll be extra true, as a way to enable you to build a more potent reference to your guy.

The bottom line is this:

A confident, however humble person is a whole lot better to hang around with than an over-confident, boastful douchebag.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend
How To Be The Best Girlfriend

Surprise him frequently

Show up to his work with a warm lunch, take hold of a notable t-shirt you suspect he’d like, and just do anything to surprise him. Bonus factors for purchasing some horny underwear and unexpected him the second one he comes home.

Guys are simple beings

every now and then all they need is a container of pizza and you proper via their aspect. So the following time your guy comes over in a horrific temper, lend him your ears and really pay attention.

This is especially the case in the event that they’re experiencing anxiety or emotional problems. Guys are afraid to talk about that stuff so it makes it at ease for them.

Fix his issues

no longer him. If he’s unwell, carry him soup—do not point out he has to wash his arms greater regularly. Men appreciate aid but generally tend to recent attempts to change or nag them.

Be excellent to his Friends

Even in case you don’t like them, be satisfactory to them. A man’s buddies are extraordinarily essential to him, and the bond between them is something maximum women don’t get. So get alongside them. He’ll love you that rather more for the effort.

Intelligence is Sexy. Turn it On.

There is nothing sexier to adult males than plain, raw intelligence. It may be cool for some to get interested in bimbos in college times, but most guys decide upon their partners to be smart and intelligent enough to hold a real verbal exchange with him. For some, it might be a huge switch on as properly. So, activate your intelligence. It is sexy!

Never Nag For Small Things

Yes, we understand which you need your boyfriend to concentrate on you and talk to you. However, it does not do too precise if you are always nagging and complaining about even tiny matters. Do not take your self too severely and do no longer sweat the small stuff. Nagging is NOT the manner to head. A desirable female friend avoids nagging; otherwise, her boyfriend gets irritated actual speedy.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend
How To Be The Best Girlfriend


Appreciate Him

Too many ladies make the error of thinking that their partners are invulnerable to ache, precisely because of their guys. Despite the tough guy act, men are riddled with insecurities, too. And similar to us, they need self-belief to raise every so often.

Make him experience exactly approximately himself by means of giving him a compliment on occasion. Men are socially conditioned to offer out compliments and no longer receive them.

However, the truth stands: it’s usually pleasant to hear high-quality matters about yourself, regardless of gender.


Don’t prevent at compliments

Let him recognize that you renowned his efforts and recognize him for the person that he is. Complimenting your man continues him satisfied. Men are greater insecure than their girlfriends comprehend. So making sure he is aware of you think he’s sexy is key to making him need to stay.

Encourage Him To Spend Time With Friends

Guys are towards their college pals than you can believe. So, if he wants to spend a weekend together with his gang looking video games or going out for films, do not become needy all of a surprising and permit him freely to accomplish that.

You can even go a step ahead and ask him to invite his buddies at your place, and you can bond with his pals as well. It is a fantastic gesture a good way to make him thankful that you are making an effort to emerge as a part of his life. There was a time before you, and until you marry each other, there might be a time when you.

In the ones distinct parts of his existence, the best one issue has remained constant: his friends. These human beings have seen him via the best, the awful, and the ugly.

If you want to create a sturdy basis for healthy long-term dating, maintain his present relationships in thoughts and begin nourishing those, too.


Don’t Compete With His Friends

The previous factor goes hand-in-hand with this one.

Most girlfriends pick to isolate themselves from their boyfriend’s friends due to the fact they sense like they don’t belong in that organization or because they just don’t like his friends.

Remember that his friends are a constant presence in his life because of this they’re going to be round plenty.

If you want to make your dating work, you have to take delivery of that his friends are as a crucial part of his lifestyles as you are, if not more widespread because of the various years he has already spent with them.

Don’t be the infamous accomplice who continuously has her boyfriend pick between her and his buddies. Instead, be bendy enough that you are authentic in accommodating and befriending his pals.

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Look sexy in  front of his buddies

Men take satisfaction in their girlfriends. If you look smokin’ hot in the front of his buddies, he’ll hear about it and take it as instantaneous praise. He’ll simply want to maintain you round if his buddies are jealous of him

Be greater type to his dad and mom

You’re already well mannered and complimentary, but kick up your parental impressions a notch by using sending them playing cards to celebrate their birthdays and bearing baked items when you go to their homes. Showing more care and respect to the team who raised this terrific guy will resonate with them and him.

How To Be The Best Girlfriend
How To Be The Best Girlfriend


Build Up Trust

Privacy and private obstacles are the keys to successful courting.

Give yourselves area to respire, grow, and create a way of life of believing a lot so you can spend days and miles aside without wondering in the event that they’re already speaking to a person else.

Trust is a good basis to have as any if you want your dating to stand the take a look at of time.

Trust creates confidence and that high-quality power is a good catalyst for growth, both as people and as partners.

Don’t convey up his past errors in case you informed him you forgive him

If you assert something is forgiven, then it needs to be forgiven. That’s what the satisfactory female friend does.

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Be An Amazing Friend

At the give up of the day, the answer to becoming the world’s high-quality lady friend is easy: be his high-quality pal.

You can plan the maximum wonderful journeys and be a first-rate friend for his pals, but in case you forget about intimacy and take for granted his likes, interests, and emotions, you’re forgetting an important part of what makes romantic relationships special (and better) from the others.

When doubtful, simply ask yourself, “Have I been an amazing pal currently?” If the solution is yes then congratulate yourself due to the fact you’re already an amazing lady friend!


Give Him Space

Nobody likes a clingy lady. They’re annoying and impinge on a guy’s freedom.

To keep away from being a clingy girl, you need to offer your guy area to live the way he wants. But in essence, you want to build your own lifestyles so that you’re now not counting on your man.

It’s girls that “need” a man for them to be happy that come to be difficult.

So construct your own lifestyles, have your very own hobbies, get involved in ardor projects. Do something you can to create a fulfilling life.

Not best might be you able to give your guy area, but you’ll likely end up lots happier within yourself too.


Don’t Flirt With Other Guys, Especially in Front of Him

This is going without announcing, however, it is able to be unexpected what number of girls unknowingly flirt with different men.

When you meet a good-looking guy, it is able to be natural intuition. This is high-quality whilst your guy isn’t round, but if he is round, you higher be aware of it.

Flirting with other men whilst your man is around is an absolute no-no. It’ll make him feel like less of a man and that you’re no longer honestly into the relationship.

What’s greater, it is able to also cause him to retaliate and flirt with other girls. Trust me once I say, that’s a slippering slope you don’t need to move down.

The bottom line is this:

Don’t flirt with other guys and allow him to know which you’re dependable to him. He’ll be loyal to you, too.

Build Up Trust in relationship
How To Be The Best Girlfriend


Be Great inside the Bedroom

Okay, you shouldn’t be a porn star. In fact, that could be a flip off for a lot of men.

But you do need to ensure which you’re each having fun.

Try a few new moves and see how he reacts. Does he find it irresistible? If he does, preserve doing it!

If you’re no longer taking part in yourself, talk up! Have a communique approximately what you want and what he likes.

Bedroom movement isn’t the whole lot in a courting, but it’s far essential. Having a laugh will lighten up the environment and construct a connection between the two of you.

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Be There For Him When He Needs It

We all undergo tribulations in lifestyles. It’s inevitable. In truth, even Buddha stated that “Pain is inevitable.”

So whilst he is going through issues, be there for him. A guy loves to sense the empathy, kindness and tender contact of a girl, specifically once they’re experiencing difficult instances.

So make sure you help him, via the coolest times and the horrific. It method that whilst you’re going via hard instances your self, he’ll be there for you, too.


Don’t Compete With Him Too Much


When you’re in a near courting, it may be tempting to compete with every different on things like how a great deal you earn, pool table battles or how much smarter you are than them.

But be careful about taking this too some distance. You don’t need to motive unnecessary anxiety.

If a man loses to a woman, they can turn out to be very touchy approximately it.

Yes, it’s amusing to have a few competition with every different, however, don’t permit it to intrude with the love within the dating.

Sometimes you just need to take it cleanly and have amusing with each different, in place of usually competing.


If you follow the above guidelines, you will now not handiest come out as a terrific character however also will in no way need to ask the way to be the exceptional girlfriend for the affection of your existence. Some of those guidelines may also require you to come out of your comfort sector and do things which you can by no means have finished.