25 Health Benefits Of Green Tea & Benefits In  Hair [ Side Effects & Dangers ]

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage. It is taken into consideration to be an “anti-growing old beverage.” You’ve possibly heard a lot approximately the health benefits of green tea — loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which can be fantastic for your frame and thoughts.

health benefits of green tea
health benefits of green tea


Why green tea?


Green tea has been used as a remedy for heaps of years, originating in China however extensively used for the duration of Asia, this beverage has a mess of uses from decreasing blood stress to preventing most cancers.

The motive that green tea has extra health blessings attached to it than black tea is due to the processing. Black tea is processed in a manner that allows for fermentation whereas inexperienced tea’s processing avoids the fermentation system. As a result, green tea keeps the maximum quantity of antioxidants and poly-phenols the substances that provide inexperienced tea its many benefits.


Treats Down Syndrome


The EGCG in green tea, as according to studies, can doubtlessly improve first-class of life for humans who’ve Down Syndrome. It protects the body from cellular harm which can contribute to sure syndromes that arise in people with Down Syndrome. This chemical may additionally enhance cognitive feature in affected people.

Down Syndrome is prompted whilst the individuals have 3 copies of the chromosome quantity 21 (human beings typically have two). Green tea turned into determined to restrict the ill effects of this 0.33 chromosome, which is accountable for some serious symptoms of the disease.


May Help You Live Longer


Of course, we all should die sooner or later. That is inevitable.

However, given that green tea drinkers are at a lower threat of cardiovascular ailment and most cancers, it makes feel that it could assist you to live longer.

In a observe of forty,530 Japanese adults, folks that drank the most inexperienced tea (five or extra cups according to today) were notably less possibly to die for the duration of an eleven 12 months length :


Death of all reasons: a 23% decrease in ladies, a 12% decrease in guys.

Death from coronary heart ailment: 31% decrease in women, 22% decrease in men.

And Death from stroke: 42% lower in ladies, 35% lower in men.

Another look at in 14,001 elderly Japanese people aged determined that folks who drank the greenest tea were 76 % much less possibly to die throughout the 6 years examine duration.


 Health Benefits Of Green Tea


Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance


If you study the components list for any fat burning supplement, probabilities are that inexperienced tea will be on there.

This is due to the fact green tea has been shown to increase fats burning and improve the metabolic fee, in human controlled trials.

In one look at in 10 wholesome guys, green tea expanded energy expenditure with the aid of 4 %.

Another have a look at confirmed that fats oxidation was multiplied through 17%, indicating that green tea can also selectively growth the burning of fats.

However, some studies on inexperienced tea do not show any increase in metabolism, so the consequences may additionally rely upon the individual.

Caffeine itself has also been proven to improve bodily performance through mobilizing fatty acids from the fat tissues and making them available for use as energy.

In separate review research, caffeine has been proven to boom physical performance through eleven-12%, on common.


Green tea and decrease cholesterol


An analysis of published research in 2011 discovered that consuming green tea, either as a beverage or in capsule form, changed into linked to full-size but modest reductions in general and LDL or “awful” LDL cholesterol.


Green tea and cancer prevention


According to the National Cancer Institute, the polyphenols in tea have been proven to decrease tumor boom in laboratory and animal research and might defend in opposition to harm resulting from ultraviolet UVB radiation.

In countries in which inexperienced tea intake is high, cancer costs tend to decrease, but it’s far not possible to know for certain whether or not it’s far the inexperienced tea that prevents most cancers in those precise populations or another way of life elements.

Some studies have additionally shown the nice impacts of green tea on the following types of most cancers:


  • breast
  • bladder
  • ovarian
  • colorectal (bowel)
  • esophageal (throat)
  • lung
  • prostate
  • skin
  • stomach


Researchers agree with that it’s far the excessive stage of polyphenols in tea that allows kill cancerous cells and prevent them from developing. However, the precise mechanisms by using which tea interacts with cancerous cells are unknown.



However, different studies have now not found that tea can reduce cancer threat. The quantity of tea required for most cancers-preventive results also varies extensively in research – from 2-10 cups in keeping with day.


Working reminiscence and the effects of inexperienced tea


Research published inside the journal Psychopharmacology shows that inexperienced tea can beautify our mind’s cognitive functions, specifically the running memory.

The studies crew said their findings endorse that inexperienced tea might be promising inside the remedy of cognitive impairments related to neuropsychiatric issues, which includes dementia.


Tooth Decay


Studies show that the chemical antioxidant “catechin” in tea can spoil micro organism and viruses that purpose throat infections, dental caries, and other dental situations


Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial


Tea catechins are robust antibacterial and antiviral sellers which cause them to effective for treating the whole lot from influenza to most cancers. In a few research green tea has been shown to inhibit the spread of many illnesses.


Top 6 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin


Top 6 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin
Health benefits of green tea


Drinking and applying green tea


fights skin cancer with the aid of selling DNA repair. Green tea carries an effective antioxidant called EGCG that fights DNA damage from UV rays to save you skin most cancers.

That way it’s also an effective anti-getting older ingredient that combats signs of aging whilst ingested or implemented topically.


We love green tea for its anti-inflammatory homes


way to its excessive content material of polyphenols called catechins. The catechins in inexperienced tea lessen irritation, redness, and swelling.

Throw on a Green Tea Water Bomb Mask for a pampering manner to enjoy the blessings of inexperienced tea for skin. It’s an intensely hydrating face mask that absorbs into your skin for reduced redness and soothed skin.


Green tea is a powerful antibacterial agent


for treating zits and unclogging pores. Polyphenols in inexperienced tea harm bacterial membranes and combat in opposition to contamination, that means that it’s a beneficial device for treating bacterial increase that causes pimples.

It helps kill systemic bacterial infection for smoother, toned pores and skin.

Green tea is chock complete of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both important for pores and skin health protection. B2 performs a critical role in maintaining collagen levels for youthful pores and skin shape and firmness.

Vitamin E supports new pores and skin cellular boom and also acts severe hydration for soft and nourished pores and skin.


Caffeine and tannins


in green tea assist reduce blood vessels across the eyes, making it a miracle for treating puffy eyes and dark circles. Apply a few Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream that’s filled with green tea and espresso for effective pores and skin depuffing and brightening movement.

However, the benefits of green tea for pores and skin increase to your hair, too! Green tea leaf fibers are confirmed to stimulate hair boom, thanks to catechins and polyphenols stimulating cellular turnover in hair follicles. We characteristic green tea fiber in our celebrated Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder, which lovers cheekily talk to as “hair extensions in your eyebrows.”


 Does Green Tea Have Any Benefits In  Hair?


 Green Tea Have Any Benefits In  Hair
Health benefits of green tea


Green tea has benefits for the hair too. Its healthful parts, especially the antioxidants, improve scalp fitness and therefore strengthen hair. The tea may even save you male pattern baldness.


Stimulates Hair Growth


Green tea inhibits the boom of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which hinders hair increase and reasons hair fall. The components of green tea react with testosterone, ensuring that the quantity of testosterone within the blood stays balanced so that it does no longer react with five-alpha reductase and convert to DHT.

Due to its antiseptic houses, it also facilitates in preventing and curing common hair troubles which includes dandruff and psoriasis. It achieves this via decreasing irritation.

Green tea is Similarly acknowledged to stimulate hair boom and melt the hair. Hence, it’d also save you male pattern baldness.

It carries polyphenols and nutrients E and C, which can be known to sell lustrous hair.

You can without problems make an inexperienced tea rinse at home via steeping three to 4 baggage of inexperienced tea in half a liter of water and the usage of this as the closing rinse after you’ve got shampooed and conditioned your hair.


Green tea side effects and dangers


 side effects and dangers
health benefits of green tea


There are little to no acknowledged side results or contraindications to ingesting inexperienced tea for adults. However, the subsequent risks or complications should be made clear:


Caffeine sensitivity – people with severe caffeine sensitivities should revel in insomnia, tension, irritability, nausea, or disenchanted belly.


Blood thinners – those taking blood thinners (anticoagulant drugs) which include Coumadin/warfarin ought to drink green tea with a warning because of its nutrition K content material. It’s also advocated to keep away from inexperienced tea and aspirin because they each lessen the clotting effectiveness of platelets.


Other stimulants – if eager about stimulant drugs, inexperienced tea should growth blood stress and coronary heart fee.
Green tea dietary supplements include high tiers of lively substances. That may trigger side outcomes and have interaction with other herbs, supplements, or medications.


Overdose Symptoms


Taking high doses of green tea (extra than four to six cups a day) can cause headache, anxiety, sleep problems, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, and convulsions. The aspect results are due to the caffeine. These outcomes can be extra reported in kids if utilized in excessive doses.

Issues During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding
Drinking more than two cups of green tea in line with day throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding may be unsafe. It is excellent to seek advice from a physician.


Bleeding Disorders


The caffeine in inexperienced tea can increase bleeding. Hence, don’t take inexperienced tea when you have a bleeding disease.


Eye Issues


Drinking inexperienced tea can reason stress in attention. Refrain from taking green tea if you have any type of eye ailments.


Liver Disease


Green tea extracts have been related to numerous cases of liver damage. If you have liver problems, avoid use.

Green tea supplements are unregulated using the FDA. In addition, include different substances unsafe for fitness or with unproven fitness blessings. Always check with a doctor earlier than beginning any herb or complement routine.



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