Should You Buy Huawei Phones? Why Google Banned Huawei?

The USA officially banned Huawei. Actually, they said that they will ban them who do thread post. And They are saying that Huawei is a national thread. Google Banned Huawei. And USA Government saying that they can’t trust Huawei. Because if the people use Huawei mobile phones or networking equipment then China government can spy.Because Huawei is a china company.

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Google Ban Huawei

Comapnies which are supporting the ban??

if you are a Huawei user you cant update you google application anymore like play store, Gmail, Google photos, etc. And whenever you will purchase a new device of Huawei you will not get Google update anymore. Google will provide support for at least 90days.
Maximum processors of laptop or computer are made of Intel. So you will not get any more Huawei laptop with Intel processors.
and these companies are saying that they will not work anymore with Huawei.
Basically, most of the USA companies will not work with Huawei.

Will I get google updates in my old Huawei device ??

Google Ban Huawei

Huawei said it would continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and honor smartphones and tablet products, covering those that have been sold or are still in stock globally. But the main fact is you will not get any Android updates does not matter if it’s available in the market or will release. But will get bug fixes or security fixes which are not related to Google applications.

Can Huawei provide android anymore?

Actually, Android is divided into two parts
AOSP – It’s an open source platform. You can get all the basic framework of Android.

And on the other hand, Google play services apps-Youtube, play store, google services, Gmail, etc which complete the android.

So Huawei can use Aosp android. And Huawei has own OS which is already running in China. Huawei can run their own os.

The reality behind Google Banned Huawei??

Basically, Huawei is not just a mobile company. Huawei is connected with many sources one of them is Networking devices like router, Access point, Adapter which are used for communication.

From the research of Central intelligence agency
Huawei is working for China military and government. And They leak personal data without permissions.

Why Google Banned Huawei only? When there are several china companies

Beacuse most of the employee and the chairman of Huawei is too close with China So that there can be a chance high loss for any country If they do anything wrong.

Apple is the one and only economical brand in America.Analytics showing that Apple is ranking under Huawei.
America realized that their main economical main point going down so why they provide a place to 3rd party smartphone?
this can be a reason.

But keep hope Huawei will come with the alternative of play store or you can use google apps while downloading apps from any 3rd party websites.