How to fix Jammed Paper Shredder right now ?

Every office produces a lot of unnecessary documents and waste papers every day. Those papers need immediate destruction because official papers often contain confidential data. Therefore, you can see the usage of paper shredders in almost every office. Nowadays, paper shredders have become the inseparable part of the offices and firms. 


Like every other machine, a paper shredder can sometimes crash too. Often a paper shredder gets jammed. The shredder doesn’t work then. But as mentioned before, there is a huge need for paper shredders in the offices every time. So, if you are running a firm, you can’t let your paper shredder down. But very often a paper shredder gets jammed. There are three main reasons behind this shredder jam. The main three reasons are-

  1. Inserting too many papers at a time for shredding into the machine. 
  2. Trying to shred wrong materials that the machine doesn’t allow. 
  3. Not maintaining the machine well and not even oiling the machine in time. 

Whatever, you cannot let your machine down if you’re using it for professional purposes. So, in this article, you’re going to get a quick guide to fix the jam. 


How you can fix a jammed paper shredder 

fix jammed paper shredder
fix jammed paper shredder


Fixing a jammed shredder can take a long period, and it’s not an easy task. Sometimes you can’t even do it by yourself, and you have to call a mechanic. But, usually, you will be able to fix a jammed shredder. 

Try some easy steps first to check if the reason for the jam is simple. 

Primary steps for fixing a shredder:- 

  • You have to unplug the paper shredder machine first. Because when you’re looking into the machine, it can start working all of a sudden. In that case, there are high possibilities that you will harm your fingers. So better unplug the machine before investigating it. 
  • The common cause for the jam can be a full wastebasket. After unplugging, you need to clean the wastebasket.
  • The machine might not work even after cleaning the basket. In that case, try running the machine in reverse. Often the issue gets solved this way. 
  • Lessen the number of papers when you’re shredding again. 

If your machines are still not working after doing the previous steps, these are the next steps for you:-

  • First, unplug your shredder for your safety. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself. 
  • Then just open up the machine and remove the shredding section for a while. 
  • You may see the strands of papers sticking to the blades. Make sure you clear the strands with a pair of tweezers. 
  • Try clearing the jam with a screwdriver if the jam is happening due to plastic.
  • Apply the shredder oil on the blades to lubricate the blades. 
  • Set the shredder in reverse mode. 

Then try using the shredder again. Insert a single piece of paper to check if that is working. If your machine is still down after trying these, then it’s serious. In that case, don’t do anything with the machine and call the local mechanic to fix the machine.