Top 10 Fastest Rappers In The World

Fastest Rapper: There are rappers and there are speedy rappers. Rapping fast isn’t a legacy of a few, there may be many self-made YouTube videos you may come across, in which rappers rap breathlessly, but then, you cannot discover each one in all them and list them out (nearly, not very possible). We have right here compiled a listing of 10 fastest rappers ever. These are rappers who signed to a record label or regarded on the respectable album. There can be some proficient rappers that we might also have ignored out however that could be totally due to inconsistency or beneath par skills to in shape the listing.


1. Tonedeff:

5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper

American rapper Tonedeff is famous for his breathless Rap. Tonedeff has a remarkable fast deliver – rapid-fire delivery, which allegedly makes him the fastest hip hop artist in history. His music Velocity is a super range to savor. Velocity is rated as the fastest rap song ever. Tonefeff the Fastest Rapper Ever.


2. Outsider:

5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper

Undoubtedly one of the fastest rappers obtainable, Outsider or Shin Ok-Cheol, is South Korean rapper. Had it not been for the judges who simplest understood English, Outsider would be the record holder for the fastest rapper inside the global. Capable of rapping at 21 syllables according to 2d (speedy shit) he’s one singer who despite singing non-English songs is pretty an awful lot loved inside the West.


3. Twisted Insane:


5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper

If you have got to name someone who could make Twista sound slow, it must be the robust Twisted Insane. Not actually positive why they name him Twisted insane, however in case you set out to make a listing of the fastest rappers, this man can’t be neglected. He is classified as many soles because of the fastest choppers of all time.


4. Twista:


 Twista 5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper

Carl Terrell Mitchell,  from Chicago, is an American rapper recognized known for his Chopper style of rap. He is the maximum famous for holding the Guinness global record for being the fastest rapper in the global in 1992. Having launched eight solo studio albums, Twista’s contemporary record label is “Get Money Gang Entertainment”.


5. Rebel XD :


Rebel xd

Rebel XD is Chicago born American rapper who has held the Guinness e-book record for Worlds quickest rapper on 3 unique occasions – in 1992, 1998 and 2007. He is famous because of his attitude. For Rebel in his music he says, both you love it, hate it or kiss his ass. And XD within the name stands for extraordinarily dope.


6. El Chojin:


 El Chojin

Domingo Edjang Moreno, the stage name El Chojin is a Spanish rapper, who holds the Guinness World Record for making a song most syllables in a minute. El Chojin in a record-breaking try in 2008 sang 921 syllables from his tune “Vo-ca-li-za” in under 60 seconds.


7. Eminem:



The lyrical master, Eminem (actual name Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is an American rapper. Unlike most rappers nowadays, Eminem does not rap about sex, drugs or money, etc., his rap songs are more about lifestyles, and that doesn’t suggest he is slow. Eminem is famous for handing over meaningful lyrics with conviction and tremendous vocal speeds.


8. Tech N9ne:


Tech N9ne

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Aaron Dontez Yates is an American rapper higher recognized to all through his degree name Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne starts slow and hit you with rapid vocals in almost all his songs, it’s far hard to bet which in his quickest music. His rapid passed songs are why he was given his stage name. Tech N9ne is a name that comes from TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun, thanks to all his rapid rhyming Chopper style raps.


9. Krayzie Bone:


5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper


Owner of the record label “The Life Entertainment”, Anthony Henderson is better known as Krayzie Bone, an American rapper and member of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rap group. Krayzie Bone has a total of 12 solo studio albums and has been reckoned for his top-notch ability to sing fast raps that break the word per minute calculators.


10. Busta Rhymes:


Busta Rhymes

Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr also known by his stage call Busta Rhymes is a rapper from Brooklyn America. Busta had a few interesting records but he got immensely successful with the unmarried “What’s It Gonna Be?!” the song presenting Janet Jackson was #11 on each US and UK Top Charts. The album, and specifically its music “Iz They Wildin Wit Us?” changed into tremendously liked for featuring the fastest rapping.


5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper


5 Tips  To Rap Fast Be The Fastest Rapper

Being capable of spit speedy facilitates a ton while you want to feature a few assessments into your song. Being capable of skid into some fast flows whilst upping the emotion can actually get your point throughout. Similar to how Kendrick does it on Rigamortus and such a lot of different rappers and tracks.




Push a pen again in your mouth horizontally as in case you are biting down on it because you are trying to dispose of pain. Make certain it pushes your tongue upwards. Then read something as fast as you could. Start over and read it once more. Keep doing this for 5 mins ordinary and you may enunciate extra actually and be able to rap quicker. Don’t fear if your tongue starts to hurt, this simply method that it’s far operating.




This method will help you do away with the slurred and blurred speech that comes due to seeking to rap in real fast. It doesn’t sound properly in case you spit splendid speedy however no one can recognize what the hell you’re announcing. This technique will make you read every and each phrase. You might be notable sluggish at the beginning, but through the years it’s going to assist you to awareness on each and each phrase this is being said. A first-rate approach that debate teams use to talk 350 words in step with minute.



Finding lyrics which might be already fast and training them to get faster and faster will provide you with an idea of ways you want to use your mouth to get out the phrases quicker. The more you exercise it the less effort your mouth will want to use, and the faster you can go.

What takes place is you HAVE to reduce phrases short or say them with slang. Articulating is massive nonetheless so you need to find a not unusual floor. Often words with a ‘the’ you may pronounce as ‘t’. Like ‘with’ you pronounce as ‘wit’. Or say the phrase ‘wanted’ you don’t NEED to pronounce the ‘t’ sound so perfectly. There are spots like these you slowly choose up over time to help you get quicker without losing the annunciation.




Twista says you need to discover ways to be counted bars. Which is so true. This will help you apprehend where the emphasis of the syllables cross. Whether you’re writing your very own or just spitting tech n9ne or Eminem, you must know a way to matter four bars on the beat. And what the difference is.

Twista says he focuses on 4 bars at a time. This is a huge recommendation as it suggests via on four/four time signature in hip hop and the way 4 beats are in a bar and 4 bars whole an concept.




There are certain beats that healthy fast rap. Generally either surely rapid beats according to minute like a hundred and twenty+ OR certainly slow at like 60bpm. So if you’re looking to write out a quick rap, you need to ensure the beat will healthy with the short rap style.




Twista is very open that he is a perfectionist with the recordings and is going via taking after take till it’s perfect and precisely what he needs. Don’t be afraid to re-file it in case you don’t find it irresistible.