Styling Tips: 10 Fashion Mistakes Women Always Make

There are actually many different tucking rules that apply to different outfit ideas.
Did you know that there is one common fashion mistake that most people wear?
But if the wear it right it’s actually not a fashion mistakes at all.

 Fashion Mistakes  Women Always Make

Saggy jeans (Diaper butt)

People usually go to buy jeans and check it in the dressing room and finally buy it. After 2 or 3 weeks after buying it does not fit like it was in the dressing room. So whenever you are going to buy jeans try to buy a little bit tighter than you are finding for. So after 2-3 weeks of wearing it will stretch out exactly be the perfect fit. And that’s why your butt will look good and attractive.

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Fashion Mistakes: Wearing The wrong size shoe

Many people love shoe shopping I also love show shopping But many time when I go shoe shopping end of the day may be after work or may long shopping trip you go to the shoe store and buy then lots of people do not try the shoes and do not check whether its fit or not And so many people buy the shoes which are a little bit bigger than their feet. When the wear those shoes there shown a tiny gap between the shows and the feet that do not look good.

Pair color that works together

Pair color that works together

This is what a lot of people make a fashion mistake. Mix and match different shades of the same color as everything you wear. This is the way to make sure everything you wear will match. Remember to pair the outfit with a different colored accessory.

Fashion Mistakes: Wearing too much jewelry

So many women wear too many jewelry whenever they go to any party or on any occasion. That’s a big fashions mistakes. If you wear a bold pair of earrings then just skip the neckless. If you wear bold neckless then skip earrings.

Chipped nails

if you dressed well but if terribly chipped polish nail then it does not look good. Its bring down your entire look. Try to wear light color nail polish on your nails because of its look attractive. And try to maintain and care of your nails.

Never Switching Handbags

Never Switching Handbags

Everybody has a huge handbag collection. But everybody should have selected a few bags of various categories. Often see A women dressed too perfect, a beautifully slim and fitting dress she is looking nice in the event but she is carrying a large bag. This can be laziness of changing bags. If you want to look completely appropriate for the occasion you might be carrying a perfect handbag for a better outlook.

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Roll Sleeves

In cooler days you can leave the sleeves down but in summer you can not. Many people fold their sleeves in the wrong way And that makes an unflattering shape. This is one of the worst fashion mistakes you can make. If you wonder what to wear make sure you rolled your sleeve perfectly.

Fashion Mistakes: Thinks about shoes last

Many shoes don’t go with any outfit ideas leading to major fashion flaws. open toe heels go better with skinny jeans, skirt, and dresses while Boot-heels go better with jeans.


Wondering how to style your self with sweatpants?
it’s not easy but not impossible. People always say the sweatpants is unfashionable. But the true fact is people do not proper dress them up. The next time you wear sweat pants for fashion pair them with a nice pair of shoes and fit huggy t-shirts.this will surely make any sweatpants look like a must-have.

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