Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless review

Truly Wireless earphones are the new emerging trend in the market of the audio products. Apple, Samsung, and Nokia have already proved themselves in this market. And, now Blaupunkt has introduced its new truly wireless earphones to show their worth. The Blaupunkt BTW-01 truly wireless earphones come at a very reasonable price with decent sound output. Blaupunkt is no new name in India as the brand has come with a nice bunch of home entertainment and personal audio products. Coming at Rs. 5,999, the Blaupunkt BTW-01 truly wireless seems to be an affordable alternative to Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Sennheiser truly wireless earphones. But, is it a worthy option

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Truly Wireless

Let’s check it out in the Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless review below


The Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless earphones are one of the most affordable pair in the market which offers good build earphones. It is not as premium as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia Truly Wireless earphone. Looking at the price point it comes in the market, this audio product isn’t that bad. The earphones have plastic build and look very simple.  The plastic build makes them light and comfortable in ears. Unlike high-end products, this one does not come with any fancy features. It is just a simple product and you can buy this product online using Paytm Mall Cashback with great offers.


You don’t get any sensors which can detect whether they have been removed or not to play or pause the music. The charging case is made of plastic and contains a Micro-USB port for charging. It is hit disappointing seeing the fact that most of the truly wireless earphone charging cases come with USB Type-C ports. The charging case might get the plastic and not-so-premium build but it gets the job done. It can pack the earbuds easily and charge them. Taking them out from the case turns them on automatically whereas putting them back in turns them off and starts charging. Also, you can easily put the case in your pocket of denim. Out of the box, you get a charging cable, three pairs of ear tips, and an instruction manual.

Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless

The Blaupunkt BTW-01 earphones are easy to control- all thanks to the touch controls it has. Simple taps on the outer side of earbuds can switch music, bring voice assistant up, and answer your calls. You can easily get used to these touch controls. There is no mobile app to control the earphones for pairing or switching music.

The earphones have been IPX5 rated for water resistance, supports Bluetooth 5 and also support SBC and AAC Bluetooth audio codecs. Talking about the battery, these earbuds can give you about 5 hours on a single charge. The charging case can charge them up to four times. The charging case can hold over 22 hours of battery life in it. The Blaupunkt BTW-01 truly wireless earphones can be used as mono headsets too for answering calls.


The Blaupunkt BTW-01 truly wireless offers good sound quality looking at its price tag.  These earphones are capable of producing good sound even if they come at a very low price compared to the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. The sound quality was clean and sonic signature basically lied in lows with a warm touch. The bass came out pronounced which gave a punchy feel. The mids and highs are less punchy but the lows are elevated and soothing. In terms of performance various options available online and one can buy those using Mobikwik Coupons with great deals.

In the bass-heavy tracks, the bass came out tight and calculated. But, the mids and highs are not too clear. But, the excitement level never went down even if the vocal were not clear. The sound quality in rock and EDM tracks come out weak but the sonic signature was clean. At times, the sound quality was dull and loses the fun in dancing numbers. You many aspects of highs, lows, and mids in this earphones’ sound quality. And, these factors separate this earphone from other high-end wireless earphones.

The Blaupunkt BTW-01 earphones give decent output on hands-free calling where the sound came out clear and loud even in the noisy environment on both ends.

Final Verdict

Coming at Rs. 5,999, the Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless earphones is a very affordable pair which is light, comfortable, and sound decent. Truly Wireless earphones are the upcoming trend in the market but all of them come at very high cost- more than Rs. 10,000. The earphones might sound dull at times and lacks Micro-USB C port but they are worth considering looking at the battery life it provides and decent sound quality. If you are looking for a starter pack, then the Blaupunkt BTW-01 Truly Wireless earphones are worth purchasing.