Computer and Laptops 6 Mistakes: You should never do.

Installation of the crack software in your computer

Maximum people use Windows systems. And we all want free software and free accessories for our Computer and laptop. And we download those from internet and also crack those with serial keys. Using that software can slow down your machine. And it’s harmful if you use net banking using your machine. That software can get your personal information. If you want to use secure Computer/Laptop

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Installation of the crack software in your computer, Laptop

then you should stay away from crack software.

Not providing enough space to your
computer, Laptop C-Drive

During the partition, we don’t provide enough space to C-Drive. C-Drive need at least 100-200 Gb to work properly. otherwise, it will full immediately after installing some software on your machine.

 Using 3rd party Applications/files

Because there can be 80% chances of having a virus on those files. So whenever you are going to download any zip files or applications try to download them from any trusted websites or official websites.

keeps webcam always connected to computer

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Installation of the crack software in your computer, Laptop

People usually forget to turn off their webcams. Hacker can access your machine and then they can monetize your activities through webcam. If you are not using your desktop or laptop try to keep off/shutdown your machine.

Storing important data on the desktop

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Storing important data on the desktop

we always keep our frequently uses files on the desktop so that we can get it easily. But it can be big trouble when the Windows/os get corrupted. Then we will not get them try to keep the important data in the other drives of your machine.

Keep on the software which is not Requires to your Laptop/Computer

To keep your System fast and User-friendly try to delete that software which you don’t need for a long time. And also those which is not will increase Your system performances.

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